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The price of the Services shall be that stipulated on the Website, errors and omissions excepted.
The total purchase price will be displayed in the Buyer's shopping cart prior to confirming the order.
After the order is received, the Supplier shall confirm by email the details, description and price for the Services together with information on the right to cancel if the Buyer is a Consumer.
Payment must be made without deduction or set-off. Unless there is a promotion or Referral discount available to the buyer.

The Supplier Mattingplus.com shall begin to perform the Services once payment has been accepted.
Once we process your order we are proceeding with the latest order confirmation we have via our website Mattingplus.com. Any changes in design or corrections must be emailed or faxed and dated or in writing before your order is processed.
The Supplier Mattingplus.com shall perform the Services with reasonable skill and care. However, where applicable, the Supplier does not guarantee that the Services will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free or that any data generated, stored,transmitted or used via or in connection with the Services will be complete, accurate, secure, up to date, received or delivered correctly or at all. We as the Supplier will provide the best and most accurate work to your order as possible. If we need to we will adjust V-Grooves or spacing of each order to reflect a better contrast and design to your order.If we need to we will contact you on any changes we make on the order before we create your image or products.
The Supplier may have to suspend the Services for repair, maintenance or improvement. If so, the Supplier will restore them as quickly as is reasonably possible.
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